Unreasonably Good Software. It’s a name and a mission statement. Good to play, good to use, good to create & good to sustain (good engineering), good to collaborate with, good to communicate, good to the environment, good at making long lists. Good.

Rupert Key, founder

Rupert has more than 25 years of programming experience in areas ranging from games (Unity3D/C# + too many other languages and platforms to list) through Android (Java), to Enterprise SOA, ESB, RIA (Java, Flash/Flex, HTML5) and Solaris Engineering (Java, C) at Sun Microsystems.  He originally started programming on Spectrum 48k, made his first actually fun game for the Atari ST (a power-up filled 6 player Lightcycles) and has always hobby gamedev'd even when working more serious jobs.

We're hiring...

UGS welcomes applicants, especially artists happy to work in both 3D and 2D with interest in game design and development.  Please contact via Twitter or the Contact page.