Oil Co. Exploits

Oil Co. Exploits screen-shot

A casual game about the land-grab race for the Arctic and the environmental risks this carries.
An entry in Ludum Dare #25 !  Early playable versions for Windows/Mac/Web/Android available from the LD site.


Oil Co. Exploits (right click if blank)

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Current Status

2012/12 Created and entered in Ludum Dare #25 (first entry ever).  Not bad first-time results.  Intend to finish and publish for OneGameAMonth January/February.  Paused while working on Snowman Scuffle for OUYACreate (please go vote!).  Comments/pleas to finish/etc to @Arakade :-)

Design and Development document (open in Google Docs)

Design and Development document


  • More description
  • Embed video
  • Background
  • Contact sponsors? (Greenpeace / WWF / ?)
  • Link to YouTube videos
  • Link / Coming-soon / Vote-for to download sites:
    • Android Market
    • PC
    • Mac
    • iOS? (vote to request)