Snowman Scuffle (title)
Cartoon snowmen, snowball fighting!
 Local multi-player mayhem with crazy weapons AND  silly modes (racing, soccer...)

Out winter 2017 on
PC, Mac & Linux.

Screenshot with procedural voxel snow in cartoon world

  • 4-way multi-player or 8-way sharing controllers!
  • craaaazy powerups (missiles, cricket bats, mines, shovels, shotguns, lasers, flame-throwers, napalm and more)
  • dynamic destructible & constructible snow (multi-threaded voxel marching cube fun for the geeks ;-) )
  • multiple arenas (back gardens, streets, parking lot, swaying oil tanker deck, basketball court, ice-rink, penguin & bear filled Arctic, conveyor-belt & incinerator-filled factory, Hell!!!)
  • multiple game modes (free-for-all, football, treasure hunt, team free-for-all, tag/it, 2D platformer, capture the carrot (ooer), racing and more)

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Get involved!

Visit Snowman Scuffle's Trello board to comment and vote on up-coming features!


Ouya controllers being used to play at London Ouya MeetUp
Snowman Scuffle is scheduled for release Winter 2017!

To receive updates, follow development and make suggestions, follow @SnwScf !