Snowman Scuffle Inception -- how the game came about

Snowman Scuffle OUYACreate demo video

Snowman Scuffle was begun for the #OUYACreate game-jam 2 months before the device's release and without access to a developer box.  The submitted version had about 3 days of development and showed the bare 2 player basics and a few hints at future features.  The video to the left which was submitted along with the prototype explains the basics and hints at the future.  Sadly, the audio wasn't captured so desktop-only annotations were used in substitute.

Fresh off the back of the Ludum Dare 25 entry, I decided to open-up the development process by both making the design doc and notes public and recording timelapse videos of the development (below).

Snowman Scuffle development timelapse, day 1/6

Indie developer James Coote had organized a Ouya MeetUp "Devs vs Fans" in London the day after OUYACreate finished.  He kindly offered to test the game and bring it installed to the MeetUp.
It was with a mixture of glee and surprise (during any development, on-device installation and compatibility are usually sources of many road-bumps!) that the game ran largely perfectly!  See video below of Rupert haphazardly explaining the game while playing against a gamer attendee!
("largely" meaning the attending Ouya developer, Al Sutton explained that it was a known issue that the early-access developer-build Ouya controllers are much more sensitive than the 360 controllers everyone had used for development so many games were expected to exhibit a tendency to drift needing a simple dead-zone to resolve.)

Snowman Scuffle being played at Ouya meetup, London

Original open design and development document (open in Google Docs)

Design Doc and Development notes


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