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Crash reporting notice

Like many apps, we may occasionally suffer a problem.  Rather than ignore these problems, we'd rather fix them.  As such, our software optionally reports back to us when this happens.  We never proceed without asking you first (via a notification asking your permission).  If you kindly agree to send the report, we only use it to fix our bugs but feel it is only honourable to tell you that we request the last 200 lines of system logs as part of the crash report and that can include more information than we want -- potentially anything other app developers have written to the log.  This usually doesn't but theoretically might include IP addresses and other technically identifying information.  While we promise to use your report honourably, if you are in any way concerned, please ignore or opt not to send the crash report.

For the technically interested, the crash reporting tool we use is ACRA and we report to BugSense, Google Docs and/or Flurry backends.
Please note, the BugSense privacy policy details their treatment of information we submit to them (with your agreement).