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Update My Apps


Want to know what the worrying "Update (manual)" or “Permissions changed” message in Android Market(tm) means? e.g...

Permission has changed for 6 of 13 apps with updates available.
Press OK to update 7 apps with no permissions changes.
Please open remaining apps from the list to approve new permission and start update.

This app shows you what’s changed!


On starting "Update My Apps", you'll see a list of all installed apps.
Clicking one will show you how its permissions will change when you update it (coloured red for "added", green "removed" & grey "unchanged").
Clicking a permission will show you the official Android explanation.

For more help, please see the FAQ or ask in the forum.

This app’s permissions explanation

  • Query Google's Android Market for you with Google account: GET_ACCOUNTS & USE_CREDENTIALS (background info)
  • Connect to Market and get adverts: INTERNET
  • Detect offline/airplane mode: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • User can choose to send 200 lines of system logs on crashes: READ_LOGS

  Beta software notice
  Anonymous usage notice
  Crash reporting notice

Future features

(unprioritized.  Please feedback via our Google Group!)
  • Only show apps with added permissions... make spotting things easier.
  • Summarize 'risk' of the permissions changes... make assessing easier and less technical.
  • Include the application's "Recently changed in this version" text... you can quickly understand what you're getting.
  • Button to take you to app's Market entry... quickly update or to feedback about the outrageous permissions ;-)
  • Easier package list navigation (indexed list).
  • Button to activate a permission blocker app (if one installed).

Initial user feedback response

Although this app started as a way to show how permissions had changed, our first non-geek users begged us to change!
We're now busy switching it to being a more general-purpose "Update My Apps" app since they said it would be more useful.
Some of our test audience had never ever updated their apps because it was too technical!!!  Obviously that's us-geeks' fault not the users'.  Let's see what we can do to help :-)