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0.3.2 beta

119  Arrays.copyOf() unsupported in API-8 (Android 2.2.x)

0.3.1 beta

118  Locale.ROOT unsupported in API-8 (Android 2.2.x)

0.3 beta

85   Response code = 400, msg = Bad Request
87   Null exception message crashes DialogUtil rather than showing causal error
112  NPE from ShowPermissionsChangesActivity.reportPageView() on first use (no cache)
92   Switch advert + analytics to using release mode detection via signing key

44   Fully configure AdWhirl and AdMob
86   NPE "query1() called before session ready" if deny account-use request then retry immediately
98   Dedup permissions lists before search
110  NPE in PackageComparison.getVersionComparisonText() (specifically MessageUtils.buildFormattedMessage())
74   Account use request user-friendliness improvements
91   Increase analytics and diagnosability
94   Show twiddler during ShowPermissionsChangesActivity long-running calls
99   NPE from PackageModelAdapter.getName()
103  "No changes" etc Dialogs need fixing/removing
29   Add package details at top of permissions list
104  NPE null AppResponse from MarketAPI
64   Inform user if package not present in Market (rather than showing all permissions removed)
77   ShowPermissionsChangesActivity should close after error Dialog (not show blank)

83   Refactor more Dialog code out of ShowPermissionsChangesActivity (etc)

0.2 beta

Unreleased beta rolled into 0.3 beta.

0.1 beta

First release!